Why is Self-Care Important

Why Is Self-Care Important? (Especially if You Run a Wellness Biz)

Why is Self-Care Important

Self-Care… I feel like I’ve been seeing that word everywhere lately! Everyone with a Health & Wellness business has an ebook, a guide, a course, a podcast or a youtube video talking all about how important it is for the average person. But what about you? Why is self-care important for health and wellness business owners?

I’m sure you’ve encouraged your clients to slow down, prioritize and put their health and wellbeing at the top of their to-do list. It’s easy to see stress and overwhelm in someone else’s life and help them create a healthy self-care routine. But sometimes it’s difficult to recognize how much more you expect of yourself than you do of others.

You might even subconsciously expect your vast knowledge of health and wellness gives you a superpower that allows your body and mind to tolerate more stress than the average human being. Simply understanding how your body handles stress and knowing the best ways to manage it isn’t enough… you have to do something about it.

So you know why it’s so important for the average person to put their own needs first. But I’m here to remind you that it’s just as important for you (yes, you!) to do the same. Here are 4 reasons why you should slow down, take a step back and evaluate how your needs rank when compared with your business and your clients.

It’s Important to be an Example of Self-Care

Sure, you got into this business to help others. That probably means it’s a lot easier for you to think of others’ needs before your own. That’s a beautiful quality in a person, but it can be detrimental when taken to the extreme. Even if you insist that everyone else’s health has a higher priority than yours, keep in mind all the people who look up to you – your clients, your friends, your family.

They look to you for advice, sure, but they also watch what you do. They see you as an example of health and balance. This is your chance to put yourself first and begin to change the mentality that self-care is selfish. Putting yourself first can often be scary for your clients and may bring on feelings of guilt. But when they see someone they respect as an expert in Health practicing self-care, it will help put those feelings at ease and give them the confidence to take care of themselves without guilt or shame.

Self-Care lets you Enjoy what you do for Others (A.K.A. “You can’t serve from an empty cup”)

Again, you got into this business to help others. It may seem selfless to put your clients’ well being before your own, but when you’re constantly overwhelmed, overstressed and overworked, you don’t have a whole lot to offer your clients.

When you are honest with yourself about how much work you can handle in a healthy way, you usually end up accomplishing much more than when you try to take on the world all at once. Taking things slow and being strategic can mean all the difference in your health and your business. Time management, outsourcing tasks, and even just asking for help can be huge and bring new life into your business and your life.

Burnout is Inevitable

You know more than most: chronic stress will take its toll. Your body is not meant to be constantly stressed. It doesn’t matter how much raw leafy greens you eat, how many oil pulls you do or how many anti-inflammatory herbs you’re taking – your body can only handle so much.

Being a wellness expert gives you an awesome advantage when it comes to knowing the best ways to manage stress and support your body. Don’t be afraid to use those lovely pearls on yourself.

You Only Live Once

This really is the only one that matters. Because guess what: this is your life! Right here. Right now. Are you enjoying it? Or are you constantly chasing that feeling of accomplishment or success? A certain number of people you need to help or an amount of money you need to make? I hate to break it to you, but even if you hit those goals it won’t magically make your life worth living.

You have to find a way to enjoy this moment. This very one. Regardless of where you are in your business, in your home life, how many more things you want to accomplish or how many things you feel like you need to “fix” in your life. When you’re constantly looking outward, you’re missing the miracle that’s happening within you.


In a nutshell: You are a miracle. You matter. And you’re an incredible person for dedicating your life to the service of others. But you won’t have anything to give if you don’t take care of yourself first. You know all this. You tell your clients this all the time! Now it’s time to take a step back and evaluate how you can apply it to your own life.

Need some self-care inspiration? Download the Self-Care Workbook for Health Coaches here. And remember, your work is important but so are you.

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